Apparently Handrails Can Prevent Stress

Even though it looks trivial, holding hands with a partner turns out to bring benefits. Physical touch such as holding hands has benefits for physical and mental health. Even by holding hands, stress levels can decrease. Physical interaction between lovers is not just an intimate relationship. Apart from holding hands, hugging, and kissing can also have a positive effect. Here are some of the good effects of holding hands on health: Soothing effect A study of dozens of married couples in their 30s with the category of a happy married life, carried out to prove this. The wife was given a test in the form of a mild electric shock at the ankle and monitored to see warnings of impending impending and reaction to brain activity. When notifications were given to the wives that they would be electrocuted, an increase in brain activity through examination using fMRI (functional MRI). However, when the wives were electrocuted while holding her husband's hand, then the picture of acti
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